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Whether  you have a home improvement issue that no other repair person will consider or a hot tub that is acting up or leaking, Restoration Montana, your local Handyman,  is here to help! Providing Handyman services in Whitefish, Kalispell, Bigfork, and all towns in Flathead County.

Deck Construction & Maintenance

Wood or Trek Decking
Routine Care & Maintenance
Hot Tub repair kalispell whitefish lakeside bigfork montana

Hot Tub Repair & Maintenance

Motor Repair & Replacement
Pump Repair & Replacement
Vacation Rental Cleaning
Restoration Montana Kalispell Whitefish interior designers home remodel

Home Improvement

Room Remodels
Custom furniture
sprinkler installation kalispell bigfork whitefish

Sprinkler Systems

New System Installation
boat repair kalispell whitefish bigfork montana

Boat Repair

Flooring Repair/Replacement
Leak Repair
Restoration Montana Kalispell Whitefish interior designers home remodel

Camper Repair

Flooring Repair/Replacement
sprinkler installation kalispell bigfork whitefish

Learn to Do - it-yourself

I’ll give you the tools and instructions you need in order to complete a project or future projects on your own!

tool rental kalispell bigfork whitefish montana


Have a project you want to start, but don’t have all the tools?  I can help!

Meet your Handy Man…

Jerimiah McAfee

Felesha and Jerimiah McAfee

Jerimiah at Restoration Montana has been fixing Flathead homes, hot tubs, boats and campers for over 20 years!

As a veteran Maintenance Manager of large condominium developments in Whitefish, MT, Jerimiah has problemed solved and fixed it all.  Rest assured he can help you with your problem, no matter how big or small, old or new!

Jerimiah is a certified pool and spa technician with 20 plus years’ experience with commercial pool/hot tub maintenance management.

Our first restoration…

It was by complete accident when we purchased our first home in October of 2013. It was a 1920’s fixer upper farmhouse and it was really bad! Worse than expected as we began our grueling 4-year EXTENSIVE restoration journey. Our purchase was before I knew about Instagram, Fixer upper, and Pinterest, so Google was our main tool for direction at the time. We viewed a number of homes that didn’t need nearly as much attention as the farmhouse but, all I saw was the huge wrap around porch and cozy layout, completely disregarding its inhabitable conditions-especially for the harsh Montana winters. Jerimiah, however, saw the bee infestation, the busted galvanized and copper plumbing, the burnt outlets and old wiring, the cracked chimneys, the saggy ceiling, the single pane windows, the leaky roof, the rotten deck, the floors, lack of insulation, the paper-thin walls-literally. Even our realtor highly discouraged purchasing it, but we did it anyways.
Restoration Montana Felesha McAfee

Despite all the major challenges,

frustrating setbacks, long lost hours, profound doubt and stress from being over worked, we kept at it and became resourceful. Once past all the difficult projects, our home was transformed and became so much more than a remodel. This became our creative outlet and a way to express ourselves by making every little detail count; custom making lighting to countertops; creating our work of art.

That’s correct, you do see our bed and we slept there.

Fast forward to today,

this dilapidated old home has been in two separate issues of This Old House, Cabin Living, and Sunset Magazine. It has also been a popular vacation rental, which I may add, help pay for our renovations! Little did we know that our little mountain cottage would ever come this far, this noticed.

Letting go…

As hard as we worked and as customized as the farmhouse was to us, the highway traffic noise got to us; therefore, in January 2018, we made the exceedingly difficult decision to let it go, only to continue to follow our dream to find that place with grand mountain views and private, peaceful grounds away from the sounds of vehicles and neighbors. With 4 months of mixed emotions of the sale and navigating through an extremely competitive market, we found a little dream home with mountain views, high ceilings and solitude backing up to our favorite hiking area, Jewel Basin. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one!  Follow along on Instagram @restoration.montana to see transformation on our second mountain cottage. And, yes, it will be available for vacation rental, summer of 2019! 

Restoration Montana Felesha McAfee

Come on in...

Hi!  We are Felesha and Jerimiah: home restorers, home remodelers and interior designers of Crane Mountain Cottage. We reside in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Montana and we invite you into our restoration world. We hope you enjoy!

Come on in…

Restoration Montana Felesha McAfee

Hi!  We are Felesha & Jerimiah; home restorers, home remodelers and interior designers of Crane Mountain Cottage.  We reside in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Montana and we invite you into our restoration world.  We hope you enjoy!

Upstairs Remodel ~

Bedroom, Bathroom, Sitting Room

Downstairs Remodel ~

Bedroom, Bathroom, Laundry Room, Mud Room, Kitchen, Living Room

Bonus Room / Exterior Remodel ~